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It is also worthy of note that Educational Psychology is clearly the second area with most psychologists, but only in the public sector. Even though the professional association of Psychologists is quite recent , it is possible to notice that there is a high percentage of inactive psychologists (3885; 19.5%), when compared with the active members. The main reason for inactivity is the number of unemployed psychologists (3682; 18.5%). Information was gathered from official data regarding students, provided by the Ministry of Science and Higher Learning and aggregated with four different studies. In the first, second, and third studies, 23, 32, and 37 universities returned totally filled questionnaires. In the fourth study only 32 out of 34 (94%) institutions responded to the questionnaires sent. For the remaining institutions data was obtained from official publications from the Ministry of Science and Higher Learning.
To sum up, it is possible to affirm that in Spain Music Therapy is consolidating at an academic and professional level, so the prospect invites us to be optimistic. Within the challenges for the future, we have cited the need of establishing limits of the profession, avoid infiltration, promote research and create an Ethical Code . • More and more research groups try to integrate therapeutic methods of Music Therapy in health and educative centres. • There is an attempt to form work and research groups on Music Therapy in order to join efforts and fight against the professional isolation lived till not long ago.

She also worked as the assistant dean of multicultural education and as a professor. After a year of working as a professor he was drafted to serve in the war by the United States Army. He served as the Director his regiment’s program of education and orientation until 1946. Upon graduation he decided to move to New York and enrolled at Columbia University. In 1940 he received a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from this institution. He attended Moca elementary school and Aguadilla secondary school in the island of Puerto Rico. Her work on the interactions between culture, gender, ethnicity, and race in mental health has gained her notoriety.
In the USA this has led to a considerable shift in the way in which LD are conceptualized and identified, and has brought the conceptual and operational definitions much closer together. The RTI model has become increasingly popular in the years since, and now features prominently in many training programs for school psychologists [53-55]. Our results highlight the range of criteria that may be used by school psychologists to identify difficulties in learning to read, and show that the importance ascribed to the various criteria differs across countries. Machek and Nelson concluded that despite attempts for the better part of three decades, there has been little progress in narrowing the gap between the conceptual and operational definitions of RD. Thus, although there is some consensus among professionals over the need to align definitions, heated debate continues on the question of how reading disabilities should be measured in practice. These authors also stressed the importance of soliciting the opinions of school psychologists, who are responsible for identifying RD in the actual school setting.

Psychotherapists usually have a first degree followed by a professional, highly specialised, theoretical and clinical training which includes research methodology and continuous professional development. The EAP promotes the recognition of common standards of training throughout Europe, and will ensure their mobility across member states. The role, status, influence, and regulations of psychologists is extremely diverse throughout the world, and Europe is no exception. It is important to note that not all c

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